When considering your Retirement options then Retiring in The Caribbean should be at the top of your list. Beautiful year round weather, awesome scenery, wonderful friendly people and a relaxing way of life are just some of the reasons for choosing The Caribbean as your retirement haven.

The Caribbean Islands are a group of Islands located at the western edge of the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands form a long chain, called an archipelago, which separates the Caribbean Sea from the rest of the Atlantic.

The Caribbean lies roughly between 5 and 30 north latitude and so falls mostly within the tropical zone. Its climate is mostly tropical marine. It is uniformly hot all year, averaging about 27 or 28 C in summer, and about 24 C in winter. Temperatures and rainfall are influenced by the northeast and southeast trade winds and the zone of rising hot air between them. Annual rainfall averages from less than 100 centimeters in some areas to more than 200 centimeters in others.

Tourism is a major source of foreign currency in the region. Winter (December-March) is the main tourist season. More than 27 million tourists, mainly from North America and Europe, visit the Caribbean each year. The chief tourist areas are the Bahamas, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and St. Martin in the Netherlands Antilles. Together, these territories account for nearly 75 per cent of visitor arrivals. Tourism contributes over 40 per cent of national income or gross domestic product in the Cayman Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Aruba, St. Lucia, and Grenada. It employs more than 20 per cent of the labor force in Aruba, Barbados, the Bahamas, and the Cayman and U.S. Virgin Islands.

The warm Caribbean weather, lower taxes and low cost of living are seen as a healthy alternative for most retirees on a fixed income, and many are making the Caribbean lifestyle part of their Caribbean Retirement plan.

  Located on the beautiful, quiet southern coast of St Lucia, Castles in Paradise at Savannes Bay, Vieux Fort is the ideal real estate investment location, offering tranquillity, breath-taking sea views and an investment for the future.

Make Castles in Paradise part of your Caribbean Retirement Plan.
  Discover our small luxury beachfront villa resort offering seventy-five luxury villas, town homes and apartments on the world famous island, Simply Beautiful St. Lucia.

Living Caribbean

Living in The Caribbean can be a culture shock to many people. The laid back, slow pace of life is not everyone's cup of tea. Although the people are very friendly in The Caribbean Islands, understanding their outlook on life can be a little difficult to grasp. Only the seasoned visitor can truly understand the nature and culture of The Caribbean. However, once understood, then The Caribbean is truly a magical place to live and work.

Most visitors to The Caribbean naturally fall in love with at least one of the Islands, this is not surprising as the attractions are great. The weather, scenery, ambience, people, beaches, colour all contribute to making The Caribbean a paradise on earth.

Most of the population are poor with a small percentage controlling most of the wealth. Unemployment is high but most people seem to get by. Crime is a concern but no greater or lesser than any other metropolis, common sense is all that is required.
Retiring in The Caribbean can be a rewarding experience. You can take life at your own pace, whether relaxed or adventurous, the Caribbean has something for everyone.

Buying Property

Buying property in The Caribbean is a relatively painless affair, primarily due to the fact that it generates foreign income to The Caribbean. Each Island has their own laws and requirements to buying Real Estate so it is wise to have a local attorney deal with these matters. They mostly operate on a fixed rate depending on the value of the property.

It is also wise to find a reputable Real Estate Agent as they can be of enormous assistance in finding your ideal property in The Caribbean.

One of the major decisions that need to be made is whether to build or buy. Many people opt to build their dream home, whilst others may decide to buy a villa or townhouse which suits their requirements. The decision is one that each of us need to make but it is wise to listen to your Real Estate Agent and attorney for information about the pros and cons of your decision. One of the major problems if you decide to build your own dream home is finding the right contractor. Your Estate Agent or Attorney can also help in this regard.


The 3 main utilities, water, electricity and telecommunications are fairly reliable in The Caribbean. Most of the water supply is reliable and safe for drinking purposes but always ask and buy a filter or bottled water if you suspect otherwise.

The electricity service is also very reliable but outages does occur for brief spells so always be prepared. During inclement weather, disruption may occur for several days and it is advisable to invest in a small generator for such occasions.

The telecommunication system is very reliable and modern with 4G networks and fast efficient internet services in the majority of the islands. Cable and Wireless and Digicel are the two main communications companies. Most islands offer a cable network service with hundreds of mainly U.S channels.

Men VS Women

Women contribute about 6 percent of their pay to their company-sponsored retirement account, compared to 7 percent for men.

Women spend just five hours per year monitoring and managing their retirement accounts; whereas men spend 10 hours.

Women report lower current retirement savings at a substantially lower amount than men $71,800 for female workers versus $122,700 for males.

Women report a lack of knowledge about retirement investing 80 percent of female workers versus 67 percent of males.

Women estimate that they will need to save an average of just $639,000 to meet their retirement goal; a full third lower than what men estimate, $941,000, yet women have three years longer of a life expectancy.

The Caribbean is a wonderful place to retire. Beautiful weather, a wide variety of activities and adventure and easy access to USA and Europe.

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